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Why Ashland At Home?

Traditional retirement homes and facilities offering elder care can fall short in terms of human touch and personal involvement. Such facilities are expensive and usually require moving from familiar surroundings and neighborhoods. Yet, numerous AARP surveys have found that nearly 90% of older adults would prefer to stay in their own homes for the rest of their lives to be among friends and in the familiar surroundings of their own neighborhoods.

Many of us have chosen Ashland or Talent as a place to live as we grow older and nearly all of us are living longer than our parents did. But with social mobility being what it is today, it happens that quite often, children or other relatives, who in earlier times were nearby to help family members as they aged, now live far away.

The aging process is a continuum and--acknowledge it or not--we will all experience various levels of decline in health, energy, and the ability to manage as the years go by. These changes come to the forefront with a fall or major illness. Ashland At Home offers an attractive alternative to moving from our current home that bears considering. It is a community of engaged adults dedicated to assisting members to meet their existing and emerging needs to remain in their homes as long as possible. Beyond assisting with those needs, AAH also offers a forum where members can meet and learn from others who are thriving while experiencing similar major transitions in their lives.

If we can honestly acknowledge and plan for the limitations that aging may eventually throw our way, we can begin to explore ways to extend the years that we can remain in our homes – confident, supported, and secure. A primary goal of Ashland At Home is to empower our members to take command of this stage of life, to help them realistically consider the options available to them, and finally, to make them aware of how AAH can assist them to meet their needs.

Valuing the very experience of the aging process is quite possibly the most meaningful aspect of the Village Movement. The combination of community, independence, and inter-dependence are the cherished qualities most of us seek as we grow older – the very qualities that are firmly embedded in Ashland At Home.